In October we plan to restart our popular massage treatments.

 Sarah, our highly qualified therapist, who is experienced at working with older clients, will again be offering bespoke treatments to address niggling aches, pains and stiffness as well as the effects of arthritis, Parkinson’s, MS, fibromyalgia and many other conditions.

Massage is also a great option for those feeling stressed and anxious and can help improve sleep.  Sarah offers aromatherapy using pre-blended oils which can help with this.

Sarah has a specialist qualification in oncology massage so if you have had or are currently living with cancer she can offer sessions to help create a sense of ease and lessen the side effects of the disease and the treatment.

Massage sessions will be on Tuesdays and a 60 minute session will be £50.

Further information is on Sarah’s website: and she can be contacted on 07958 516262 to discuss whether massage therapy might be helpful for you or to book an appointment.”