Why choose Age Concern Eastbourne

For some people, AGE Concern Eastbourne’s Venton Centre is simply a pleasant landmark. With the Pantry Cafe at the heart of the centre, it’s a bright and welcoming place to meet friends. But for every one who simply calls in for lunch or coffee there are a dozen others whose quality of life has been fundamentally improved by all that they have experienced here.

Over the years, many thousands of people have found companionship, laughter, new interests and a wide range of life-enhancing activities within this optimistic, upbeat environment.

Others come here when they’re not sure where to turn. They may be recovering from illness, facing bereavement or redundancy, worried about finances or struggling to cope in any one of a dozen ways. Here they find practical help, professional advice, a degree of dependability and a continuity of service and support that simply isn’t available under one roof, anywhere else. They find people who care about the challenges they face. They find help.

At AGE Concern Eastbourne you will always find support, encouragement, kindness and understanding alongside a whole range of activities and friends to help you re-discover their pleasure in life.

The environment of AGE Concern Eastbourne is conducive to relaxing, recharging and recovering. For some the Venton Centre is a haven from a seemingly indifferent world. Others may see it as the place where they learnt to belly dance, paint, write poetry or regained the confidence to go out and get a new job.